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Big Thank You!

The Thank You & No Thank You Update

DC4RD’s latest: The “Thank you & No Thank You” Update

The people of Brookland Manor want to stay together in their homes.Giving thanks to Brookland Manor folks, supported by OneDC and Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights who are standing up to Mid-City Financial greed mongers seeking to displace hundreds of black and brown families from their Ward 5 home.

Congress Heights Fights Slumlords & DisplacementGiving thanks to Congress Heights residents and president, Ruth Barnwell who along with Justice First and other allies are pushing back against slumlords and winning the AG’s help.

Barry Farms Tenants and Allies Don't Want To Be Displaced from Ward 8Giving thanks to Barry Farms Tenants and Allies – Ward 8 families and residents supported by Empower DC among others – who are protesting the razing of their home and the 1.6 billion giveaway to an out-of-town private developer of one of the most, if not the most historic land and culture in the city.

No Thanks
Brianne Nadeau Councilmember Ward 1No thanks Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau for making it even harder for homeless folks to seek services in this so-called progressive city.

No thanks to cheerleaders of the Union Market Tax Gift — Mayor Muriel Bowser and Councilmembers Phil Mendelson, Charles Allen, Robert White, and Kenyan McDuffie.

Phil Mendelson Council ChairKenyan McDuffie Councilmember Ward 5Charles Allen Councilmember Ward 6Robert White At Large Councilmember

They talk being progressive, but they support funding monied investors and out-of-town developers who want to construct an exclusive and segregated high-rise high-luxury brand new community on top of what was the Florida Avenue Market (the only wholesale market in the District razed for the rich) and hand over an 85-million dollar blank check. (The Mayor funds “affordable housing” at $100 million annually).Mayor Bowser Strikes Again

Department of Consumer and Regulatory AffairsNo thank you the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (“DCRA”) for issuing permits to unethical contractors and developers who f**k up people’s homes and allow developers to build luxury cracker-jack boxes that won’t be resilient to climate change.

Mary Cheh Councilmember Ward 3No thank you Councilmember Mary Cheh for giving away the historic Franklin School (13th and K Street NW) to a group of inside players who want to operate a private museum (despite the CFO exposing how private museums are failing in the city).  In a startling display of ignorance, Cheh supported the gift of this prime property without even knowing how many available public assets (buildings/land) we have left downtown for social needs (say for the homeless).

Jack Evans Councilmember Ward 2No Thank you Councilmember Jack Evans and Metro for not ensuring developers (“foreign investors” who intend to make bank by constructing luxury developments on prime time land next to our public transit hubs) share equitably in funding the gaps in the Metro budget.  Instead Evans wants to force working DMV residents to cough up more taxes and pay stricter higher fares for less services.  But thank you to the SaveOurSystem campaign.

affordabullshitNo Thank you to the so-called “smart growthers” and the Mayor’s “planners” in defining an affordable housing in the District as $1500+ a month for a studio/one-bedroom.

Thank You District Defenders

But big thanks again, and love to those doing something, especially those residents and families directly impacted by the overdevelopment of the city and sheer greed of the monied classes and privileged politicos.

Please do and try to find the time to see and hear public housing residents tell their own story fighting displacement in their upcoming play, “On My Mind/In My Heart” with several production dates coming up. Also starring the legendary, DJ RBI.

On My Mind, In My Heart, a play by and for DC residents and families fighting displacement

Thank you to all the amazing organizations and individual community leaders trying to make a difference in fighting displacement and seeking to ensure EXISTING residents, families, culture, and DC life is protected from the influx of “outsider” global capital and invasive force of well-heeled single professionals.