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Wha-Mata with You! DC4RD Update

The Latest DC4RD Update

~~ UPDATE menu ~~

I) Citywide Planning Issues:
i) Defending the Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map
ii) Martin Luther King Memorial Library Renovation & Friends Meeting (Ralph Nader)

II) Racism and Police Abuse in DC

III) Organize & Fight Back!

I) Citywide Planning issues:


DC for Reasonable Development, a citywide network of groups and residents who care about planning in the District of Columbia, asks you to join us in defending the DC Comprehensive Plan. The developer-class working by and through DC “planners” want to dismantle our most progressive planning document in the city.

Be at the upcoming meetings to defend the development of an inclusive city that is building truly affordable housing >>


Our central public library is being renovated, your voices needed,

Be at an upcoming meeting and get your ANC’s and civics involved to express your concerns, critique, and affirmation of all or parts of the renovation plans, here are the plans dated August 2016,

–> ALSO, join the Martin Luther King Memorial Library Friends at their Annual Meeting and Election on Wednesday October 26 at 6:30 pm in Room A-5 of the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Library.

Guest Speaker: Author and Consumer Activist Ralph Nader will speak about his new book Breaking Through Power. The MLK Library Friends will be selling books ($13.95 paperback) and Mr. Nader will be pleased to autograph copies.

II) Racism and Police Abuse in DC

The #Racist planning and unjust behavior seems to be at an all time high in the District in 2016.




III) Organize & Fight Back!

As they say, don’t agonize, organize! Here’s some important upcoming meetings and other resources to review & share!

* EMPOWER DC Annual Meeting Tomorrow (Sat Oct 22)

* ONE DC 10th Anniversay Gathering (Nov. 18th)

* SURJ (Two upcoming meetings in November)

MORE EVENTS (Calendars & Bulletin Boards, Interwebs)

* Washington Peace Center >>
* Neighborhood Network >>
* DC Organizing Posse >>
* The Great Ward Eight >>
* EmpowerDC >>
* ONE-DC >>
* DC for Democracy >>
* SURJ DC >>
* Food Not Bombs DC >>
* The Peace House >>
* DC for Reasonable Development >>


Watch one of the #JusticeForBarryFarms videos here >>

Activism in Fall, on Fleek

Fall on Fleek :: Get Active & Involved

DC4RD Fall on Fleek Update

~~ This year’s fall theme is finding accountability in the courts because the woeful City Council and Mayoral oversight of agency action is no longer cutting it.


* Barry Farms (Ward 8) in Court this Wednesday >>

* Kenilworth Courts (Ward 7) in a zoning battle against displacement >>

* Brookland Manor (Ward 5) residents take racism and classism to court >>

* Congress Heights (Ward 8) rally to defend their homes >>

* Museum Square Tenants (Ward 2) win in Court of Appeals >>

—> If you have questions about any of these above items, contact us: 202 810 2768


* McMillan Park (Ward 1 & 5; National Landmark) has its day in Court >>

* Buzzard Point (Ward 6) residents air and water quality under threat >>

* Zoning Rewrong (The whole city) — The ZRR passed with no impacts studies conducted >>

* The ZRR is still being amended >>

* [new] DC Consumer Utility Board >>

—> If you have questions about any of these above items, contact us: 202 810 2768


* Adams Morgan Suntrust Plaza (Ward 1) — PN Hoffman wants it all >>

* Union Market (Ward 5 & 6) facing serious upheaval >>

* DMPED Land Disposition Agreements (The whole city) — Finally put online >>

—> If you have questions about any of these above items, contact us: 202 810 2768

MORE EVENTS (Calendars & Bulletin Boards)

* Washington Peace Center >>
* Neighborhood Network >>
* DC Organizing Posse >>
* The Great Ward Eight >>

* EmpowerDC >>
* ONE-DC >>
* DC for Democracy >>
* SURJ DC >>
* Food Not Bombs DC >>
* DC for Reasonable Development >>

Thank you!
Chris O. & The DC4RD team!
202 810 2768

PS: If you haven’t already seen this weeks big event, check out >>

#McMillanPark Supporters Pack Courthouse

Changes to ZRR, Already

TONIGHT, Sep 22, 6:30PM

Tonight, Washington, DC, at the DC Zoning Commission, 441 4th Street NW, Suite 200 South, 6:30PM, Sep 22.

The Zoning Amendments Being Amended;
Ad hoc project for favored developer prompting consideration of substantial changes to the ZRR

Members of the Committee of 100 found that the Office of Planning was trying to define “substantial” changes to the ZRR as only “technical” changes.  There is a difference that requires a more public process for substantial changes.

Tonight, the DC Zoning Commission will be considering OP’s suggested changes, one which includes completely waiving the minimum area requirements for when developers request the city for a super variance, i.e. PUD applications.

EastBanc is asking the city for an entitlement to ignore the standards and rules regarding the minimum size of PUDs. However, the regs make clear that the Commission must not use their flexibility or discretion beyond what is allowable by law, which is why the Commission chose to have the hearing tonight.

08-06F ::

The public is welcome to testify, but it’s hard to imagine what OP’s rationale could be for a substantial change that could invite a PUD to be dropped anywhere in the city, especially without comprehensive planning direction.

Tonight, Sep 22, 6:30PM at the Zoning Commission Hearing Room, Suite 200 South
441 4th Street NW, WDC 20009
Judiciary Square Metro


A report from the Hine School legal team tells favorably of efforts that resulted in the Deputy Mayor’s Office putting online a list of land abuse contracts between developers and DMPED.

Deputy Mayor’s Office Website with LDA’s >>

There are noted issues, for example The Grimke School LDA Term Sheet reveals that the developer acquired the property for $25,000, while the appraisal indicates the property is valued at around $15-$20 million.

DC for Reasonable Development wishes if you have the time and interest to dig into the numbers of these contracts that affect DC taxpayer assets and the public interest and inform us of any perceived malfeasance.

Contact Chris: || 202 810 2768

This information was delivered via Mr. Oliver Hall, Esquire, who will be speaking at the upcoming conference starting September 26, 2016.

DC4RD Calendar Update: The Week to Speak!

Here is the latest DC for Reasonable Development CALENDAR Update [dc4rd].

This is the WEEK to SPEAK IT!!!


There are many City Council Oversight hearings this week (DCRA; Zoning; Planning; and more). Be there to keep your Executive agencies accountable >>

800,000 PEOPLE IN DC?
Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Out of the blue, the Mayor has announced that she wants the City to have 800,000 residents in the next two decades. That’s 200,000 more than what the 20-year DC Comprehensive Plan had expectations for. Where did this 800,000 number come from? How will the City handle this many more people? Find out more. Ask Muriel the hard questions.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 – 5:00pm to 8:00pm, at the Howard Theatre, 620 T Street NW >>

Wednesday, 3/2/2016

This coming Wednesday, testify about planning and zoning in the District of Columbia. Are you happy that there’s been no mitigation of displacement of tens of thousands of black folks from DC? Are you satisfied that planning officials define an ‘affordable’ studio as costing $1500 a month? Hold the ‘planning’ officials to account.

Council Hearing on the Office of Zoning, Office of Planning, and the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development this coming Wednesday, 3/2/2016, 9:30am, in Room 412 of the Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

You can sign up to testify about zoning and planning, Contact: Sarina Loy, or 202-724-8058.

You can also take two minutes to write letters using the following links:



March 3, 6:30PM

Right now the Office of Planning is considering the redefinition of ‘affordability’ in the District. City planners want us to believe that a studio/one-bedroom renting at $1200 a month is ‘affordable.’ Be there in person this coming Thursday night to tell the Zoning Commission that $1200/month rent is not affordable >>

SEND A NOTE: Take 5 minutes to testify about affordability >>


* March 5, 2016 — Rally to Fulfill the Promise: Ensure affordable housing. End chronic homelessness. Build a DC where all residents thrive. >>

* March 9, 2016 — Urgent: Defend Congress Heights! Protest on March 9, 7:00pm >>


–> Please participate in the following hearings if at all possible (all hearings at the John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW)

* Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABC) 2/29/2016, Monday, 10:00am, Room 500

* Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), Monday, 2/29/2016, 10:00am, Room 500

* Office of the Tenant Advocate (OTA), Monday, 2/29/2016, 10:00am, Room 500

* District Department of Transportation (DDOT), Monday, 2/29/2016
11:00am, Room 412

* Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED),Wednesday, 3/2/2016, 9:30am, Room 412

* Office of Zoning (OZ), Wednesday, 3/2/2016, 9:30am, Room 412

* Office of Planning (OP), Wednesday, 3/2/2016, 9:30am, Room 412

* Office of Zoning (OZ), Wednesday, 3/2/2016, 9:30am, Room 412

* Department of Corrections, Wednesday, 3/2/2016, 10:00am, Room 123

* Office of Returning Citizens Affairs, Wednesday, 3/2/2016, 10:00am, Room 123

* Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), Friday, 3/4/2016, 11:00am, Room 500

* Housing Production Trust Fund (HPTF), Friday, 3/4/2016, 11:00am, Room 500

* Public Service Commission (PSC), Monday, 3/7/2016, 10:00am, Room 500

* Department of Employment Services (DOES), Monday, 3/7/2016, 10:00am, Room 500

* Office of the District of Columbia Auditor (Kathy Patterson), Tuesday, 3/8/2016, 10:30am, Room 412

* New Columbia Statehood Commission, Tuesday, 3/8/2016, 10:30am, Room 412

* Office of Disability Rights (ODR), Thursday, 3/10/2016, 10:00am, Room 412



Chris Otten, co-facilitator

JetStream DC planning

DC4RD Jet Stream Update [Council Hearings]

DC4RD Jet Stream Update — Winter/Spring 2016

Please visit DC for Reasonable Development on the inter-webs:

Here’s the next DC4RD informational Update — (did the groundhog see its shadow or not?)



Mayor Bowser gave two-day notice regarding her trumpeted closure of the structurally sound, yet internally neglected DC General — a building, and grounds of which are currently public assets >>

As a result of the DC General Closure plan, the City keeps only the status quo number of homeless beds, except now homeless DC families will be scattered around the city at random locales >> >>

On top of that, the Council has defunded individual bathrooms in the new shelters, telling DC families they didn’t want them to “get too comfortable” in the shelter >>

Bottom-line: Despite the great costs of demolishing DC General, and leasing new shelter sites around the District, plus the planned privatization of the vast Reservation 13, there is still no net increase in beds for DC’s homeless families and individuals, and the new shelters will be dormitory in nature with several proposed to be sited in strange locations not suited for families.

DC’s homeless numbers are increasing, so if the Mayor’s self-limiting real-estate focused DC General closure plans are pursued, there will be even more homeless folks on DC’s streets in the coming years >>


411 Artist Union seeks collaboration to avoid displacement of an “eco-system” consisting of authentic professional arts and other expert cultural craft. SUPPORT DC’S ARTISTS! Rally & Hearing! February 23, 2016, 5:00 Rally; 6:30 Hearing begins: Testify in support of DC Artists & Art!

Check out the 411 Artist Union open studios this entire weekend. Please be sure to put Feb 23 in permanent marker >>

@OPinDC + @OZinDC

The District of Columbia Office of Planning and Zoning agencies will be available for questions/testimony very soon . . . ZONING & PLANNING Oversight Hearing — Wednesday, 3/2/2016, 9:30am – DC City Council Hearing Room 412 – John A. Wilson Building – 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW –  The Committee of the Whole will hold a Performance Oversight Hearing on The Office of Zoning, The Office of Planning & the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) — To Testify, CONTACT: Sarina Loy, or 202-724-8058.


The Zoning Regulations Rewrite (ZRR) has left out so many voices and so many needed fixes.  For example, the ZRR never clarified critical zoning definitions into plain language for “habitable space” & “cellar” as well as “adjacent-grade,” among other terms.  Further, the ZRR allows Downtown DC to be tripled in size without the Office of Planning assessing the impacts of this drastic development change against any analysis of the capacity and efficacy of the existing transportation and utilities infrastructure >>

Controversial as the #ZRR may be, it is without a doubt a massive overhaul of DC’s development rules which somehow the Office of Planning and Zoning Commission have together over 7 years failed to evaluate through the prism of the Implementation Element of the District of Columbia 20-year Comprehensive Plan.

Maybe the Mayor should rename it the Zoning Rewrong!


Right now the DC Office of Planning and so-called smart-growth supplicants are pushing the City to define “affordable” as rent set at $1,200/month for a studio/one bedroom apartment.

That would equate to $14,400 a year for housing costs not including utilities.  Developers would be able to rent this “affordable” unit to someone making about $50,000 a year and in return the developer gets to build bigger and taller buildings.

We want to redefine an “affordable unit” as one which reflects REAL levels of affordability, $500 to $800 a month in rent.  And, we want to push for the construction of more family-size units to meet DC’s a number-one priority >>

Developers should not be rewarded for building more cramped studios and junior one-bedrooms using damn cheap materials – this is not helping DC’s affordability crisis.

* Please attend the hearing on Inclusionary Zoning (IZ), March 3, 2016, 6:30pm, 441 4th Street, NW, Judiciary Square Metro (redline).  Sign up to testify >>


The United Nations recently cited the historic Ward 8 community of Barry Farm as a flash point nationally for how wrong, racist, and classist Gentrification really is on working-families in US cities >>

“The process of gentrification has a heavy impact on African Americans who are being displaced from city centers under the argument of the need for new investment and development. In particular, the United Nation’s Working Group was alarmed by incidents of eviction, demolition and conversion of Barry Farm public housing in Washington D.C.”  >>

Contact Schyla for ways to Empower our movement against demolition of public housing & to seek community-control over our public land! or 202-234-9119


It’s that time again (3 to 5 minutes) of “accountability” DC government-style. Here’s the DC Council’s “oversight” hearing calendar >>

Be there to inform the Council about the services you are getting from City agencies and for you to “grade” agency service to the public.  Sending letters can help >>


DC WATER & DGS (Dept of “General” Services)
Thursday, 2/25/2016
12:00pm, Room 500
The Committee on the Transportation and the Environment will hold a Performance Oversight Hearing on the Department of General Services & DC Water. To testify, CONTACT: Nicole Rentz, or by calling 202-724-8062.

Monday, 2/29/2016
10:00am, Room 500
The Committee on Business, Consumer, and Regulatory Affairs will hold a Performance Oversight Hearing. The following agencies will testify:
* Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABC)
* Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA)
* Department of Small and Local Business Development & Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity
* Office of the Tenant Advocate
To testify, CONTACT: Peter Johnson, or 202-727-6683.

Monday, 2/29/2016
11:00am, Room 412
The Committee on the Transportation and the Environment will hold a Performance Oversight Hearing. The following agencies will testify:     Bicycle Advisory Council; Pedestrian Advisory Council; District Department of Transportation (DDOT)
to testify, CONTACT: Nicole Rentz, or by calling 202-724-8062.

Wednesday, 3/2/2016, 9:30am
Room 412
The Committee of the Whole will hold a Performance Oversight Hearing. The following agencies will testify:
* Office of Zoning
* Office of Planning
* Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development
To Testify, CONTACT: Sarina Loy, or 202-724-8058.

Wednesday, 3/2/2016
10:00am, Room 123
The Committee on the Judiciary will hold a Performance Oversight Hearing. The following agencies will testify:
* Department of Corrections
* Corrections Information Council
* Office of Returning Citizens Affairs
* Commission on Fathers, Men, and Boys
* Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice
To Testify, CONTACT: Katherine Mitchell, or 202-727-8275.

Friday, 3/4/2016
11:00am, Room 500
The Committee on Housing and Community Development will hold a Performance Oversight Hearing. The following agencies will testify:
* Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)
* Housing Production Trust Fund (HPTF)
* Rental Housing Commission
To testify, CONTACT: Oscar Montiel, or 202-724-8198

Monday, 3/7/2016
10:00am, Room 500
The Committee on Housing and Community Development will hold a Performance Oversight Hearing. The following agencies will testify:
* Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment (OCTT)
* Office of the People’s Counsel
* Public Service Commission (PSC)
* Department of Employment Services (DOES)

Monday, 3/7/2016
10:00am, Room 123
The Committee on the Transportation and the Environment will hold a Performance Oversight Hearing. The following agencies will testify:
* Department of Parks and Recreation & Department of Public Works
To testify, CONTACT: Nicole Rentz, or 202-724-8062

Tuesday, 3/8/2016
10:30am, Room 412
The Committee of the Whole will hold a Performance Oversight Hearing. The following agencies will testify:
* Office of the District of Columbia Auditor (Kathy Patterson)
* Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG)
* New Columbia Statehood Commission
To testify, CONTACT:

Thursday, 3/10/2016
10:00am, Room 412
The Committee on the Health and Human Services will hold a Performance Oversight Hearing. The following agencies will testify:
* Department of Disability Services
* Office of Disability Rights
To testify, CONTACT: Malcolm Cameron, or 202-741-0909


* Even if you can’t make the hearing, you can send in testimony and letters to help the discussion along >>


Orwell is puking >>

Justice after the Storm Update [dc4rd]

DC4RD sends this update to show you what isn’t cancelled this week!

United Nations Townhall Meeting with DC, MD, VA Black Community >>
6:30pm at UNION TEMPLE Baptist Church
1225 W St SE, Washington, District of Columbia 20020

Affordable for Who?  The Zoning Commission takes up their IZ program tomorrow night.  Take 5 minutes to send in a note seeking to fix the definition of “affordability” in the District of Columbia.
Be at the hearing, 6:30pm, Thursday, January 28, 2016, at the Zoning hearing room, 441 4th Street NW, WDC 20001 — Judiciary Sqaure Metro.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY 1/29 + 1/30
Service to Justice Conference >>
Jan 29 at 9:00 AM to Jan 30 at 4:30 PM
Luther Place — 1226 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20005

Gentrification: the Good, the Bad, and the Incarcerated >>
Sunday, January 31, at 6 PM
Busboys and Poets Brookland — 625 Monroe St NE, Washington, District of Columbia 20017

#SaveDCArts – The Union Arts building at 411 New York Ave NE is the last collective art space of its kind in Washington, DC — its being threatened with demolition to make way for a luxury hotel.
Monday, February 1 at 6:30 PM
Be at the Zoning Hearing, 441 4th Street, NW, WDC 20009

Black History Kick-Off & Celebration >>
The African American Civil War Memorial and Museum — 1925 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20001
Tuesday, February 2, at 6 PM – 8 PM

Washington, DC: ‘TPP is Betrayal’ Action >>
The White House — 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20500
Wednesday, February 3, at 12 PM

###### ARTICLES OF INTEREST ########

Report: Nearly 50,000 East New York Residents Will Face Displacement with City’s Rezoning Plan

DC’s Walmart Problem [Updated] — WCP

Hemp Fiberboard Poised To Replace Plywood – THC Magazine

Republicans Push $269 Billion Handout For Millionaire Heirs And Heiresses

DC Housing Authority accused of gentrification — WASHINGTON (WUSA9)

Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun! – YouTube

D.C. Has A New Zoning Code. Here’s How It Could Change The City’s Look And Feel | WAMU 88.5 – American University Radio

What Would MLK Say? Displacement & Disparate Treatment | DC4RD Updates

Hundreds of D.C. homeless families to ride out storm in Maryland motels – The Washington Post

Policy & Tools: Community Benefits Agreements and Policies | The Partnership For Working Families

Why a bright idea for growing food in the city had to move . . . to the country – The Washington Post >>–to-the-country/2016/01/25/81f96816-bfd2-11e5-9443-7074c3645405_story.html

How to View Five Planets Aligning in a Celestial Spectacle >>

DC Public Banking Center – Welcome to the DC Public Banking Center

Do You Live Within 50 Miles of a Nuclear Power Plant? | Science | Smithsonian


STAY TUNED! Get at us on social media!


What Would MLK Say? Displacement & Disparate Treatment

Welcome to 2016!

Lets continue to live up to our resolution to fight displacement and get some victories this year.

Be at the 2016 MLK Holiday Parade :: See meet up map ::

As part of the resolution to fight displacement, you and the good peoples fighting for justice are invited to walk with peace in honor of our communities and in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King sought to challenge the status quo. He wanted everyone to be lifted out of persistent poverty using a guaranteed minimum income. He believed the act of war steals from our grandchildren, expending obscene amounts of government money to kill and maim working-families on other lands. And he fought racism on a daily basis, marching steadfastly across the arc of justice.

We are hoping all anti-displacement forces will be walking in honor of MLK’s dedication to humanity on his holiday, this Monday.

We will be gathering, starting at 10am, nearby the National United Black Fund office along MLK Ave, just south one block from the Anacostia Metro stop (Green Line). Anti-displacement Forces, RSVP: Chris 202-810-2768


What would MLK say about the #ZRR which was made final last night by the DC Zoning Commission. The classism, exclusivity, and disparate treatment is being turned up in the 1,000 pages of zoning amendments. The city’s planning and zoning officials like the volume on high. See the videos >>


News just broke about how ‘disappointed’ City officials are that Walmart will not move into Ward 7 or anywhere East of the River at this time.

If City officials are truly pissed, they would use the authority we granted them through election to now rescind all bad-faith deals and then move to take back our public land.

Council Backbone needed:  It is highly unethical to allow a corporate real estate developer from Virginia (Rappaport) to continue to own what was a DC public asset — 15+ acres at Skyland after their assured deal with Walmart fell through. This is especially acute as all the political agreements around the Walmart deals were predicated on Vincent Gray, mayor at the time of these deals, to veto a living wage requirement for big-box stores.

“The Skyland store is among those Wal-Mart has threatened to abandon should the living-wage bill become law.”

Gray did veto the bill, clearing the way for EOR Walmarts at Skyland and Capitol Gateway.

So now what?  Is the City Council a bunch of corporate suckas?  The deal is broken, take back our public land!

update: 1/19/16
The Washington Post published a story today regarding Walmart.  The story refers to a “handshake” deal and quotes Walmart as saying “fresh assumptions” have changed, so they have to walk away.

But, the WBJ article from November 2015, states that “having finally put all entitlement issues behind them,” including a “Wal-Mart lease,” the deal was moving forward.

This sounds far different then the “reluctant promise made on a handshake, apparently with fingers crossed behind their backs,” as described in the Washington Post story.

“That’s horrible; you can’t do that. A deal’s a deal.” — Jack Evans, Councilmember Ward 2

What is/was the deal?  Who with?  And what of the stipulations if the deal is broken?

Back in May 2015, Councilwoman Alexander wanted the Mayor to eliminate a covenant with Safeway, in order “to end the legal cloud hanging over the long-awaited Skyland redevelopment.”

Then, in November 2015, the City sold Skyland’s 15+acres as the deal seemed to be moving forward.

So, what happened between November 2015 and now that suddenly Walmart insinuates “the profitability of stores slated for black working-class neighborhoods” wasn’t as great as they presumed.

This has racial and social-economic discrimination implications — Councilmember Yvette Alexander, Ward 7

If there is/was a lease with Walmart, as the WBJ article states, then who gets paid when Walmart breaks that lease?  How does the City recoup the 90 million investment?

And, what really becomes of Ward 7 without a Walmart?


Here we go again– security cameras being used by politicos to give a sad facade of real protection >>

First it was the stupid police cameras on the polls, and then recently on their uniforms, now big brother wants everyone to snitch for $500 (maybe). he pressure is on to bring on more untrained police and bring us into a state of fear. DC will not cower.

Imagine how much crime could be reduced by funding 24-hour recreation centers, therapists, healers, job training, and good paying $15/hour jobs.

GET INVOLVED!  Join an organization!





Lets continue to live up to our resolution to fight displacement in 2016.


DC4RD Seasonal Confusion & Corruption Update

Here’s the latest DC for Reasonable Development Update
// Engage & Act
CORPORATIONS VS. THE PEOPLE (with the help of some friends in the Govt)

Exelon Paid FreshPAC Chairman To Lobby D.C. Government About Merger with Pepco >>



City officials paid Baltimore PR Firm, Fontaine & Co., to “Neutralize Public Opposition” to McMillan Park Giveaway >>

~ Confusion + Corruption at all time High in DC ~


* On the Pepco-Exelon Merger, use this link >>

* On Saving McMillan Park, use this link >>



DC for Reasonable Development

DC Activist Energy Update

Update Menu:

DC for Reasonable Development is a network of DC residents and groups who work against modern day colonialism (displacement) at the hands of banks, developers, and unethical government actors.  We are proactive in the struggle to uplift justice and inclusive access across all basic needs (housing, healthcare, food, energy, justice) for working-families and individuals in the District of Columbia.

DC Activist Energy Update

1) PEPCO MERGER: Exelon Not Needed or Wanted in DC–GET INVOLVED TODAY!
Public hearings are to be held this coming Tuesday (11/17) and Wednesday (11/18).  Email to sign up to testify or email your testimony to:
 FMI, see these links:

Public Dissent Rises Against the Unequal Treatment & Lack of Engagement >>

First, DC’s Independent Auditor calls out the bad deal, then so does Councilmember Elissa Silverman >>


4) This Monday, November 16, Protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): The TPP is Fundamentally Against the People. 4:30 pm –MASS ACTION/MARCH for TRADE JUSTICE!  Meet at the Chamber of Commerce 1615 H St., NW for Mass Action/March and Rally to stop the TPP >>

4) Also Monday, November 16, 2015 for those watching the New Communities program, the Deputy Mayor’s Office for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) will be hosting a meeting regarding *privatizing* the Park Morton housing development >>

5) November 21, 2015, Shapeshifters Book Event & Author Talk with Aimee Meredith Cox, 2:00pm – 4:00pm, Potters House in Adams Morgan, FMI >>

6) TAKING ACTION — Every Tuesday at 1:00pm on WPFW,  Empower DC hosts a one-hour radio to talk about critical issues facing DC’s low-income communities of color. Listen to the archives here >>

7) Massive Calendar of Progressive Events at the Washington Peace Center Website >>


Opponents of Pepco-Exelon merger call for ethics investigation of Bowser >>

The process to choose the developer for McMillan was flawed, D.C. auditor says >>

WAPO Opinions — Why Bowser’s crime bill won’t reduce crime >>

Report: D.C.’s Black Unemployment Rate Is The Highest In Country >>

Hine Partner/SuperPAC Donor Buwa Binitie Travels to China with Bowser >>

D.C. mayor’s allies reluctantly shut down controversial PAC >>

Muriel Bowser vows to ensure D.C. has its fair shot at major economic development deals >>

DC Council Votes to Lower the Legal Standard for new Family Shelters: “What’s wrong with us?” >>

You Now Need A $2 Million House To Live Luxuriously In D.C. >>

38 Percent of DC One-Bedrooms Rent for Above $2,000 >>

Regeneration NOT gentrification: being black in gentrified D.C. >>

200 000 year old city found in Southern Africa may rewrite history >>

China probably doesn’t want you looking at these photos >>

Nuclear fuel has melted through base of Fukushima plant >>

DC for Reasonable Development is a network of DC residents and groups who work against modern day colonialism (displacement) at the hands of banks, developers, and unethical government actors.  We are proactive in the struggle to uplift justice and inclusive access across all basic needs (housing, healthcare, food, energy, justice) for working-families and individuals in the District of Columbia.

Facebook >>
Twitter >>  @dc4reality
Web >>
Phone >> 202-810-2768

FALL UP-date: Calendar, Articles & Racism in the District

DC for Reasonable Development FALL UPdate:
Calendar, Articles & Racism in the District

DC for Reasonable Development connects points of information for your mental digest to inspire action in you and your neighbors living and working in the District.

Our updates are seasonal, but our site is full of current resources and information to assist in your desire to not be displaced, ignored, or adversely affected by the influx of developer-corporate capital flowing into the City and drastically changing our collective futures.

The racism we see at the ground-level and on the street is also perpetrated at the highest government levels as well.

Disparate treatment by the cops is mimicked by City zoning officials and the result is the same, racism.

This has got to stop.  Learn more.  Then Act!

Update Topics (with links to data)

Racism in DC (On the streets and in the halls of planning and zoning)

Affordable Housing (More Housing Needed, Congress Heights, Downtown Exempt from Affordability)

Food Security (Local DC farm festiva;  Anti-Monsanto)

Municipal Energy Update: Exelon supported by Mayor, Opposed by the People (Keep the pressure on)

MLK Library Renovation Update (See the plans, meet DCPL’s Director)

Transportation Metro
(Bigger DC — Bigger Metro Collapse)

Social Justice Activities (Save McMillan; Public Banking; Dia De Los Muertos)

On the Street and in DC’s halls of planning


This past week we have seen our young black friend Jason get brutalized by cops who responded to a call from a person who “felt uncomfortable” that him and his friends were getting money from the bank >>

Then we found out that business leaders are working with the  Metropolitan Police Dept. and other officials to implement an online app used to largely profile black people in and around Georgetown >>

The on the ground profiling and racism follows a pattern with District officials in DC’s planning departments too. 

As it regards the controversial Zoning Regulations Rewrite, several residents, including ANC’s have complained that residents in Georgetown were offered special treatment in working alongside the Office of Planning to customize zoning regulations to protect their community >>

But, when ANC’s in Ward 5, 7, and 8 asked for similar direct assistance as offered to Georgetown, the Office of Planning told them to wait until the ZRR had passed, effectively nullifying any chance at customizing and protecting their ANC districts from the ZRR.

Racism in DC is present from the profiling on the ground by cops and business leaders all the way up to the DC’s planning and zoning officials.  And, the mounting demands for justice is real.

#BlackLivesMatterDMV will be hosting a march against racism and police abuse on October 20, 2015, 7:30pm, be there.  FMI >>


Housing, Food, Energy, Libraries,
Transportation & Social Justice



 Housing (Articles & Events)

Even when the DC Government intervenes to help, they pour on the hurt.

In the case of a dilapidated apartment building, DC’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) helps people move out of an unsafe situation, but then won’t provide any real temporary living options for those DC residents being moved >>

In Ward 8, the Congress Heights Metro properties face development, but at what costs and who benefits >>

And, in downtown, where housing affordability is at an all-time low, some of the last affordable units at Museum Square are threatened to be displaced as part of a national trend of hatred of the poor and working families >>

To stand up for affordable housing in the District, there are several events to mark your calendar by:

* Empower DC — affordable housing advocates — Annual Meeting, This Saturday, October 17, 11AM to 2PM, Union Temple Baptist Church, 1225 W Street, SE.

* The DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) is to host two public input events and release an online survey for residents to express affordable housing and community development needs in DC. First one to be held, Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. at the Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library, 1630 7th Street, NW in the large meeting room, FMI >>

* The Campaign for Inclusionary Zoning invites the public to learn how we can help make Inclusionary Zoning better serve the people it was intended to help. Be at the meeting to discuss, Thursday, October 22, 2015, 9:30–11:30am at DC Fiscal Policy Institute (DCFPI), 820 First St NE #510, Washington, DC 20002.  There are specific ways to make IZ work >>


Food Security Events

Here in the District, while baseball and basketball stadiums steal the show, and steal our city monies, many DC youth still go to bed hungry on any given night.

There are two events coming up to work on Food justice issues this weekend:

* Local District farmers proving lots of healthy food
can be produced relatively inexpensively within the District.  The Three Part Harmony Farm team invite you to their Fall Farm Festival, 10AM to 4PM at 3104 4th St NE, Washington, DC 20017 (close to the Brookland Metro Stop on the Red Line), FMI >>

* Join the Food Justice Coalition as we go to Washington, DC to fight the DARK Act! Friday will be a day of Senate lobbying followed by a March around DC and Saturday will be the Food Justice Rally at the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol with speakers beginning at noon. FMI >>


Energy Access & Justice

It would appear the Mayor and other officials, including DC’s first-elected Attorney General, Karl Racine, as well as many business and social leaders are trying to work around the decision by DC’s Public Service Commission to oppose the Exelon-Pepco Merger >>

It is clear that Exelon is looking to leverage DC’s Pepco assets and financials, those of OUR energy provider, to balance THEIR failing nationwide nuclear-based energy gamble.

If you oppose this bad deal, DC SUN is asking you write a letter to City officials asap >>


DC’s Libraries

DC’s central public library, our King Memorial Library is being renovated >>

Join the MLK Library Friends and come hear about the plans for the future of MLK Library, provide your feedback, and engage with the Director of the Library, Rich Reyes-Gavilan.  This coming Tuesday, October 20, 2015, starting at 6:30pm at the MLK Library, 901 G Street, NW.  FMI >>


Metro Transportation

As the DC Zoning Regulations Rewrite (ZRR) looks to triple the area of “Downtown DC,” the transportation capacities of Downtown have not been evaluated by City planners >>

In fact, while DC’s Office of Planning and Zoning officials want to go big with DC, including a bigger downtown, with bigger crowds, bigger offices, bigger cafés, bigger toilets, and bigger transportation demand — simultaneously Metro is struggling to keep up with current levels of action, threatening increased fares and service cuts Downtown and around the City.

See these articles:

It seems the City planners want to ignore Metro’s woes in their attempt to appease the corporate developers who want to squeeze as much profit from every corner of DC, without having to look under the rug, or in this case the street to determine if DC’s ageing infrastructure and transportation modalities can keep up with their incessant greed.

And, then there’s this, Study Says DC Most At Risk of Water Shortage” >>


Social Justice Activities

Rounding out this Fall update are a slew of upcoming events to make sure you are a part of:

* SAVE MCMILLAN PARK — Pack the hearing room on October 26, 2015 if you oppose the privatization and demolition of one of DC’s first integrated-spaces and 25 acres of historic public land.  FMI >>

* PUBLIC BANKING — If you like the idea of the people of the District controlling their future through direct fiscal responsibility and democratic decision-making, then be at the Goethe Institute next Wednesday night >>

* OCT 30 — Quetzal: Día de los Muertos Concert (free!) >>



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