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Run For ANC! 2018

Advisory Neighborhood Commissions are the most locally elected body in the District.  They advise the executive, and independent agencies like the Zoning Commission, as it regards planning, programs and other major decisions that will affect DC neighborhoods and citywide policies.  ANC’s were created by the DC Home Rule Act.


There are more than 300+ ANC Commissioners that sit on almost 40 ANC Commissions, citywide.  Each ANC Commissioner represents about 2,000 people, your neighbors.  It is a 2-year term & commitment to represent your Single Member District.  Who is your ANC? Find out here, or here.


Allies are hosting training sessions for new ANC candidates that are worth checking out if you’re passionate about transit justice, housing justice, or economic justice:

Saturday, July 14: The DC Grassroots Planning Coalition is hosting a session about ANC’s:

Sunday, July 15: Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America is having their session:

Nominating petitions will be made available by the Board of Elections on Monday, July 9. You’ll need to collect 25 verifiable signatures of registered DC voters in your single member district. Standard practice is to collect 2-3 times that amount to account for any errors. Petitions are due to the BOE by Wednesday, August 8th, to get on the ballot.





Juneteenth, Zoning & Land Use

Displacement of residents because of their class or race has become commonplace in every community in this city and in too many cities across this nation. This in large part is because [city planners] allow our land use decisions to be guided by marketplace principles and ‘highest and best use’ principles.

~~ Ronald Shiffman, FAICP, Hon. NYS AIA, Professor Emeritus, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment, Pratt Institute Director Emeritus, Pratt Center for Community Development  1964-2004, Member of the NYC Planning Commission 1990-1996, Jane Jacobs Fellow, APA Planning Pioneer Award.  Shiffman on Land Use & Displacement.


The displacement we see now in the cities around the world is neo-colonization — not by Columbian-swords and fighting ships — but by bankers, speculation, and racism in planning.  Here in DC we are under full assault by ignorance, ad-hockery, and unreal estate costs.  If we don’t continue to push back, we will lose the city and our place in it forever.

‘Plymouth Rock landed on us!’ Malcolm X


This is a good week to engage on critical socio-economic-cultural issues of our time in the District of Columbia, and beyond.

2. Saturday, Oct. 14 — FORUM: AFFORDABLE TO WHOM?
4. Tuesday, Oct. 17 — FUNDRAISER:

1. THURSDAY MORNING COURT BATTLE: Fighting Displacement Around Union Market. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2017, 9:30AM, DC COURT OF APPEALS,
430 E Street NW, Courtroom 2, Judiciary Square Metro (redline). Be there in person to see and hear one of the top zoning/planning lawyers in the District, Aristotle Theresa, Esquire, as he presents the argument that the massive overdevelopment of unaffordable studio/one-bedrooms in the District is an absolute adverse impact to longstanding District residents and families. We stand with Union Market Neighbors who are tired of city planning officials putting luxury greed over neighborhood needs.
PLEASE RSVP: || (240) 308-8872

2. AFFORDABLE TO WHOM?  Affordable Housing and the Comprehensive Plan. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1:30 to 3:30pm. BENNING LIBRARY
. The DC Grassroots Planning Coalition hosts this forum on the definition of ‘affordable housing’ in the District of Columbia.  We will explore what the DC Comprehensive Plan says about affordable housing and discuss why city planning officials cannot seem to systemically and consistently contend with this number one crisis in the District (for more than a decade now)! District residents from around the city will be in attendance, with experienced housing organizers to help facilitate the forum.  Be there and be ready to act for the benefit of your friends, family, and neighbors in your community. Event time and location: October 14, 2017, Starts 1:30pm, at the Benning Library., 3935 Benning Road, NE, WDC 20019. Please RSVP: || 202-234-9119 x100

[[ location change ]] Artists Town Hall: Space is the Place. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2:00pm to 5:00pm. UPTOWN ART HOUSE.  Gather with artists from around the District, including the ArtsxAction, NomuNomu, and 411Collective crews to discuss the number one issue facing artists in the city today, affordable longterm collective artist space.  Why is it disappearing?  How do we preserve and protect existing artists space?  Why is affordable artists space important to our community health and campaigns for justice?  We will explore these and other questions together as we build an action plan to win permanent affordable artists space in the District. Use Redline (Cleveland Park stop; 1 block south on the west side) Please RSVP:, like the Facebook page >>

4. Fundraiser at Madams Organ.  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2017, 6PM. The people of Adams Morgan DC fought racist redlining in the 1970’s and won.  Now bankers and developers want to sweep this victory under the rug (under a wall of luxury condo units) and crush the peoples plaza at 18th and Columbia Road, NW.  However, modern day Adams Morgan anti-displacement organizers are winning and are preparing for trial to protect the people’s victory and preserve the historic plaza at the center of their community. Be there to find out more and have a great time! Please RSVP: || 202 670 2366

MORE EVENTS (Calendars & Bulletin Boards)

* EmpowerDC >>
* ONE-DC >>
* DC for Democracy >>
* SURJ DC >>
* Food Not Bombs DC >>
* The Peace House >>
* Washington Peace Center >>
* Neighborhood Network >>
* DC Organizing Posse >>
* The Great Ward Eight >>
* DC for Reasonable Development >>


Chris Otten, Co-Facilitator DC4RD
ANC Commissioner 2008-2010;
Homeless services advocate;
Statehood activist;
Public property watchdog

PS: Watch one of the  #JusticeForBarryFarms videos here >>

TwilightZoning: Record RubberStamp!

Amazing!  The DC Zoning Commission has hit a new record in approving a Planned Unit Development in a mere 26 minutes (video)!

A twenty-six minute review of a 11-story behemoth in the middle of the historic Shaw neighborhood, despite the precedent setting victory at the highest Court in the District regarding the landmarked McMillan Park showing that the Commission must consider adverse impacts from any major project they are considering.

A record project approval in the face of the people calling out Zoning Commission attorneys for their disregard of fundamental planning impacts like displacement.

Doesn’t matter! The Zoning Commission goes hard and rubberstamps an 11-story Planned Unit Development in the middle of the historic Shaw neighborhood in record time.

Things may be looking up though — the Office of the Attorney General is seeking to hire a land use attorney!

Exelon: How Bad Can 10,000 Years Be?

Happy Holidaze from DC for Reasonable Development.

Exelon wants to nuke Santa, and bring DC more coal.

This is a reminder that at 5pm tomorrow, Wednesday night, your views, further opinions, and conclusions about the ridiculous Pepco-Exelon mega-merger should be on the public record, and the right side of history.

Please take a two-minute look at the following link, then edit and send your personalized note to the Public Service Commission (PSC) using this easy online form >>

Or email the PSC directly in re: Formal Case No. 1119 —


* Again, please send a note >>


Dozens of DC ratepayers will gather at the PSC offices, Suite 800, to SAY NO to the MERGER and file personal letters with the PSC opposing the Pepco-Exelon merger (Formal Case No. 1119).

MEET TOMORROW — 8:45 a.m., Wednesday, December 23rd at the DC Public Service Commission (the PSC), located at 1325 G Street, NW.   Suite 800 — Public Service Commission (they say you should have your id to get upstairs)

Bring a letter written by you to the DC Public Service Commission opposing the merger; and, two or three letters from family, friends and neighbors, if possible.

~~ Say NO to the MERGER ~~
— WED. 12/23/15 — 8:45AM —
* Public Service Commission *
1325 G Street, NW. -Gather out front

suggested talking points

The backroom deal announced by Mayor Bowser and Exelon on October 6, is not in the public interest, undermines the year-long public process that resulted in the rejection of Exelon’s bid to take over Pepco and raises serious ethical and legal questions.

Tell the D.C. Public Service Commission (PSC) to deny the Bowser-Exelon-Pepco deal.

The Bowser-Exelon-Pepco deal:

* Is highly controversial and tainted with the appearance of impropriety (i)

* It represents a significant flip-flop by Mayor Bowser, who backed the PSC’s decision to reject the takeover.

* Just days before announcing the backroom deal with Exelon to revive its failed takeover of Pepco, Mayor Bowser struck a $25 million sponsorship deal with Pepco to pave the way for the future DC United soccer stadium.
Exelon and Pepco refused to disclose whether they had been asked to contribute to the Mayor’s, now disbanded, Super PAC

* Public Citizen and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network have called for a formal probe into the questions surrounding Mayor Muriel Bowser’s decision to reverse course and revive the  $6.8 billion merger between Pepco Holdings and Chicago-based Exelon. (ii)

* The Washington Post reported that just prior to the settlement between D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Exelon being announced, charities were told that philanthropic contributions ‘could be jeopardized if the deal is not approved. (iii)

* Undermines transparency and public process

* The deal was made behind closed doors and negotiations were led by the City Manager, who previously had no role in the takeover proceedings before the PSC.

* Key intervenors such as DC SUN and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) were excluded from the discussions and other intervenors such as the Apartment and Office Building Association (AOBA) and D.C. Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) were only brought in at the very last minute and strong armed into signing on by their Boards who have deep connections to the Mayor.

* Exelon has spent millions including full page adds, radio, TVs, paid petitioners, and door to door pressure tactics to try to bamboozle the public into supporting the deal. But the public isn’t buying it.

* The initial proposal was reviewed and deliberated over for nearly a year and included four public hearings and an ample public comment period that led the commission to declare that the proceedings generated more interest and more active participation by the public – which largely opposes the merger – than any other proceeding in the commission’s 100-plus years of operations. (iv)

* Exelon, supported by the Mayor, requested and was granted an expedited review of the deal that limits public participation and the opportunity for new challenges to the takeover.

* Exelon’s fact track motion coupled with the mayor’s backroom negotiations could shatter the public trust in the very processes established to protect energy consumers in the District.

* Is NOT supported by the public — Nearly 700 comments have already been submitted in opposition to the Bowser-Exelon-Pepco deal. 27 out of 42 Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC) have passed resolutions in opposition to the takeover, no ANC has come out in support. The 27 ANC’s conservatively represent 300,000 District residents. Pepco claims it has generated 28,000 signatures in support of the deal by using its customers’ contact information to drive customers to an Exelon sponsored petition site.  These 28,000 signatures represent 8% of Pepco’s D.C. customer base.

* If this deal is allowed to go through, it could harm D.C. electricity consumers

* The Mayor is claiming that the $78 million settlement will benefit ratepayers and ‘freeze’ electricity rates until 2019. This is grossly misleading:  $25.6 million of the settlement will go straight back to Exelon to pay for the immediate rate increase they’ll put in place once they take over PEPCO. (v)

* Once March 2019 arrives, the Mayor’s deal allows Exelon to hit DC with several years’ worth of accumulated rate increases and allow Exelon to charge an additional 5% on those rate increases  that exceeded the bill credits approved by the merger.– that means DC will have to pay interest on its electricity bills! (vi)

* Cynically, the rate hikes will be felt right after the next Mayoral election.

* Exelon gets to take back its much-touted $50-per-customer credit in 2019 as part of the new rate hikes – so we ultimately get nothing in our pockets.  By contrast, Pepco shareholders will get nearly $2 billion windfall. (vii)
If approved, the deal would create the largest electric utility holding company in the country and give Exelon a monopoly in the mid-Atlantic region.

* This would allow Exelon to use its influence over its utilities to protect its generation interests at the expense of ratepayers and eliminate the independent voice of Pepco, which has taken positions that differ from – and in some cases served as a counterbalance to – Exelon in numerous forums including regulator matters, energy legislation and energy market proposals.

*The small changes in this settlement on board Governance and the siting of offices are smoke and mirrors designed to distract from the essential relationship which is unchanged stunt efforts to expand clean and local energy in the District

* Exelon has repeatedly demonstrated their disrespect for DC in their conduct of this proceeding and their back room arm twisting and divisive tactics are very well know in places like Chicago where they have long had a stranglehold on the state legislature

* Exelon views the advancement of renewable energy and energy efficiency as a ‘cannibalization’ of its core nuclear power generation.

This conflict between Exelon’s nuclear business and clean energy was a core reason why the PSC rejected the merger – the negotiated deal does NOT resolve this issue. (viii)

And it would lock the District into a regime far worse than Pepco (ix)

* Exelon is one of the leading opponents of renewable incentives at the federal level, as well as a foe of clean energy initiatives at the state regulatory and legislative level and in the wholesale market.

* Exelon uses not only aggressive political lobbying, but funds other groups to advocate for its interests and try to eliminate pro-clean energy policies that conflict with Exelon’s bottom line. For example, Exelon spends more funding the anti-clean energy Edison Electric Institute in one year than all the charitable giving it proposes for D.C. organizations.

* According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index released in spring 2015, Exelon has one of the worst customer satisfaction scores among energy companies coming in third to last among the investor-owned utilities in the survey.


(i)   Infographic on the web of influence surrounding the Bowser-Pepco ‘Soccergate’ questions:





(vi)   id

(vii)   id


(ix)   id

Why must we do this?

After the PSC’s categorical rejection of the deal as ‘not in the public interest’ the Mayor directed DC government to enter into a non-unanimous settlement.

Pepco-Exelon unleashed an orgy of spending and backroom dealing (#Soccergate) on the public with the DC government, orchestrated by some of the same officials who ran the Mayor’s FreshPAC.

Pepco-Exelon spends  daily to manufacture ‘support’ for the merger.At $15 per hour, petitioners, paid by Pepco, have filed 40,000 names with the PSC, many with no address; names that include Dick Balls, Harry Balls, SUckage Yeah, and F*ck Y#@.

That is why we are asking our allies — real DC residents, who pay Pepco rates, to join us in telling the PSC how much we don’t want to be sold to Exelon. Thanks.


~ Confusion + Corruption at all time High in DC ~

* Exelon Paid FreshPAC Chairman To Lobby D.C. Government About Merger with Pepco >>


* City officials paid Baltimore PR Firm, Fontaine & Co., to ‘Neutralize Public Opposition’ to McMillan Park Giveaway >>

Corporations VS. The People (with the help of some friends in the Govt)

* On the PEPCO-EXELON Merger, use this link >>

* On SAVING MCMILLAN PARK, use this link >>

ITOW: McMillan Competition

“In their own words…”

Guest columnist: Andrea Rosen

Topic: McMillan Park & the lack of competitive bidding (sole sourcing the disposition and privatization of McMillan Park to Vision McMillan Partners)

In early July 2015, D.C. Auditor Kathy Patterson sent an inquiry to DMPED’s Brian Kenner asking for information about how Vision McMillan Partners came to be the exclusive recipient of development and property rights at the McMillan Sand Filtration Site and Park, and how the D.C. government came to be VMP’s banker.

Mr. Kenner responded early this month with a chronological narrative and 300 pages of documents.

Yesterday, Ms. Patterson wrote Council Chair Phil Mendelson (with cc’s to Inspector General Daniel Lucas and AG Karl Racine) expressing concern about the noncompetitive process Mr. Kenner outlined, particularly in light of the upcoming Council vote on the Mayor’s resolution (PR 21-307) to extend the city’s agreements with VMP, due to expire in December 2016, to 2021.  See the Auditor’s October 2015 letter here.

The text of PR 21-307 is at

Competition isn’t just an ideal.  The D.C. Code, Title 10, Chapter 8 – Sale of Public Lands, requires that “A proposed resolution to provide for the disposition of real property transmitted to the Council . . . shall be accompanied by (1) An analysis prepared by the Mayor of the economic factors that were considered in proposing the disposition of the real property, including:  (a) The chosen method of disposition, and how competition was maximized” [boldface added to §10-801(b-1)(1)(A)]

Those who pay attention to public land disposition in the District know that McMillan is emblematic of our elected and appointed officials’ compulsion to satisfy developers by undervaluing, subsidizing, and divesting assets to them, and to convert land into tax revenue.

Longtime residents and businesses are displaced and dispersed from inexpensive housing and commercial spaces, and newly built structures that are mostly too expensive for those residents and businesses to return to are constructed for the benefit of the supposed endless stream of newcomers.

What is rather unique about McMillan as just another piece of property to churn is its landmark status, recognized by its inclusion on the National Register (as well as the DC Inventory of Historic Sites); its transmission to the D.C. government under a preservation covenant from the Federal government; its renown as a compelling, even beloved place; and its potential for electrifying adaptive reuses instead of banal suburban-inspired speculative development planned for it, which frankly could be built anywhere if the city exploited another of its holdings or its power of eminent domain over a parking lot.  What ought to make every resident who cares about this city take notice is our government’s lack of respect for any constraints or considerations — social justice, policy, legal, cultural, historical, community, civic, democratic — other than monetary.  As far as the endless stream of condo-buyers:  Bad government eventually drives residents, new and old, who can afford to choose, out of the city.  And so the endless cycle repeats.

The hearing on PR 21-307 will be held next Monday, October 26, at 9:30 in room 120 of the Wilson Building. Those who wish to testify are asked to telephone the Committee of the Whole at (202) 724-8196, or email Cynthia LeFevre, Legislative Counsel, at, and to provide your name, address, telephone number, organizational affiliation and title (if any) by COB Thursday, October 22. If submitted electronically by COB on October 22, the testimony will be distributed to Councilmembers before the hearing.

Witnesses should limit their testimony to 4 minutes; less time will be allowed if there are many witnesses.  For those unable to testify at the hearing, written statements are encouraged and will be made a part of the official record.  Written statements after the hearing should be submitted to the Committee of the Whole, Council of the District of Columbia, Suite 410 of the John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20004.  The record for PR 21-307 will close at 5:00 p.m. on November 2, 2015.  (

~ Andrea Rosen

Missing-you DC, Summer Update

Missing-you DC, Summer Update [edited June 15, 2015]

It’s been two months since our last update.    We don’t like bombarding you, but we’ve been a little too quiet.  It’s got to be a loud summer if the people of DC want to preserve and protect the culture, people, history, and public interest of our City.





The main thing that has occurred since DC4RD’s last update has been the City’s budget discussions.

Mayor Bowser submitted her budget to the Council in early May.   The Council has since approved the spending numbers, largely unchanged.

A good analysis of the budget came by way of Justice First, located here in the District >>

The voting on our budget isn’t over. 

On June 30th, the DC Council will vote on a bill that informs the Mayor on how to specifically spend or funnel some of the City’s budget allocations.  It’s called the FY2016 Budget Support Act.  DC’s Chief Financial Office summarizes the key components of the BSA here >>

DC for Reasonable Development working with the Citywide Friends of McMillan Park invite you to join us in asking the Council to include language that defunds the demolition of the park until a full inquiry can happen as to the ethical and planning breakdowns that surround this humongous public land giveaway.

There are two ways to use this last budget vote to protect McMillan now:

  • Put on your calendar to attend the last Council session on the FY 2016 Budget Support Act next Tuesday, June 30th, and demonstrate why McMillan is so important to save from destruction and the clutches of privateers.   We will meet at the Wilson Building, outside of Room 500 at 11am, Tuesday, June 30th.  RSVP, Chris O., 202-810-2768,
  • Please send a letter to the Council today regarding McMillan, particularly to CM Elissa Silverman who campaigned on a platform declining corporate contributions so she can objectively review the City’s land deals, like McMillan >>



The Save McMillan Action Coalition has found and announced some truly disturbing features of the McMillan Park scandal, for instance:

* The City has paid for a private PR firm to “neutralize” public opposition to the McMillan giveaway, and to give “cover” to elected-officials about this bad deal;

* $500,000 District dollars has been spent on legal services from Holland and Knight, a premier private zoning law firm to push the McMillan land deal forward;  And,

* Most recently, it has come to light that the City will be paying more than $75 million to destroy McMillan and prepare it for private development, but only get $27 million dollars to sell the land to the private developers.  The DC Tax Office has evaluated our 25-acres of public space about 1 mile from the Capitol at about $100 million dollars.  We believe the land after it is privatized and developed will be worth beyond $2 billion.

* And, the City will be paying for the so-called amenities at the site, like the recreation center, and public right-of-ways.  These are amenities that are supposed to be paid for by the developers in return for sweetheart deals.

There are many activities around McMillan Park to help you engage on this critical public land deal and to expose the ethical lapses verging on fraud in our City politic.  See this page >>


The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) is the City agency charged with reviewing building permit applications and ultimately ensuring that construction is safely done in the District >>

It would seem DCRA has fallen down on their job, bigtime.

DCRA officials have ignored pleas from residents to protect their neighborhoods (, and continues to issue permits with lackadaisical oversight (, and blows off residents who are hurt by impatient and unsafe construction practices (–.html).

Interim DCRA director, Melinda Bolling, awaits confirmation from the DC City Council and there is a public roundtable scheduled to hear your comments this week on Thursday, June 18, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. in Room 500 of the Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. 

BE THERE — Individuals and representatives of organizations who wish to testify at the public roundtable are asked to contact Ms. Faye Caldwell, Special Assistant to the Committee on Business, Consumer, and Regulatory Affairs, at (202) 727-6683, or via e-mail at

DCRA has been told to keep issuing the permits to overdevelop at all costs, and simultaneously continues to ignore the lurking issue of DC’s very real infrastructure collapse >>


The highly controversial Zoning Regulations Rewrite has been dropped into the DC Register, and conveniently the Office of Zoning and Planning has ensured the public only has the summer while we are vacationing with our families to review the 1000 pages of changes >>

ANC’s are being asked to resubmit their prior ANC resolutions about the ZRR.

The bottom-line is that these zoning regulations have been found to be arbitrary and capricious by many people, including lawyers and its one-size-fits-all philosophy is not based on any meaningful studies or jurisdictional reports.  It’s all a gamble with the future of our City.  For more details of its impacts and lack of due process see this blog >>

Check out the archive of the terrible process of review and how the Office of Planning has rankled people across the City >>

Listen for more information and ask your ANC’s to weigh in soon!




  • Our RFP — Parcel 42, Saturday June 13, 10:00am
    The Mayor wants to try out her new RFP process regarding public land deals, starting with Parcel 42.  If this RFP process is anything like Hine School or the West End deals, then the taxpayer will be paying for the costs of amenities and privatizing the land. So be there this Saturday to witness more semantic word play and call it out!  FMI:
  • Support EmpowerDC, June 15th
    Donate to an amazing grassroots organization fighting to protect the residents of the historic Barry Farm community in Ward 8.  They need your help to keep 400 families from being displaced by DCHA into homelessness.Link >>
  • DC Ferguson, June 16th, 7:00pm
    WHAT: DCFerguson Movement protest against racist, militarized policing in Washington, D.C. and across the nation.
    WHEN: June 16, 7:00PM
    WHERE: Mt. Vernon Sq.
  • The Marriot Marquis Coverup, June 19th, 10am

    Location: United Black Fund, 2500 MLK Jr Ave SE.
    The City spent hundreds of millions of dollars to build a hotel, and got a paltry number of jobs for locals in return.  Be there at OneDC’s press conference which will expose this TIF sham.
  • Hipster Fascism Art Opening, June 20th
    The Fridge opening Reception Saturday,  June 20, 6 – 11pm, free and open to the public >>

There’s Snow Update Like This Update [DC4RD]

Good citizens seeking good planning in the District , here’s the latest update from the DC for Reasonable Development team.


 1) Upcoming City Council Hearings

 2) DC’s Infrastructure Collapse

 3) McMillan Park :: Climate Folly


Oversight hearing on DC’s Planning Agencies

There may be a hearing tomorrow about DC’s planning agencies, the Deputy Mayor’s Office on Planning and Economic Development (DMPED), the DC Office of Planning (OP), and the DC Office of Zoning (OZ). The hearing starts at Noon in Room 500 of the Wilson Building located at 1350 Pennyslvania Avenue NW.

In the case you are not able to come to the Wilson Building to testify tomorrow, or if the Wilson Building is closed tomorrow, you can send in your testimony about the bad planning in the district to the Committee Clerk, Cynthia LeFevre, or call her directly at 202-724-8092.

In shaping your testimony, DC4RD suggest the following points and topics. If you want to send us your testimony draft, we’d be glad to support you with case studies, data, links, and any edits to help.

DC4RD offers these suggested points of contention with DMPED:

* DMPED is brokering deals, terms of which are not made available to the public either before or after the deal is signed. DMPED will not put details of the deals on their website as required by law.

* DMPED’s deals tend to giveaway public assets, like DC land and public buildings. Once DC’s limited public property is given away, its rarely ever comes back.

* DMPED defines affordable housing as studio/one-bedroom units at $1,500 a month.

* DMPED is hiring private firms to discredit the communities that are opposed to their deals.

* DMPED mischaracterizes public amenities which they say the developer pays for, but which ultimately the public pays for.

* DMPED purposely undervalues the price of public land, so when the deal is struck developers are paying for our land at significant discount, sometimes getting our assets for a $1.

DC4RD offers these suggested points of concern with the Office of Planning:

* OP does not conduct robust studies of projects, particularly large luxury projects so to identify and attempt to mitigate displacement pressures and to evaluate infrastructure needs.

* OP is pushing forward 1000+ pages of zoning changes using a one-size-fits-all model without meaningful review of possible impacts their changes will have on DC’s future.

* OP disregards community outreach and input from many Wards where low income families predominantly live, like in Wards 5, 7 and 8.

* OP does not use the work and efforts of planning initiatives of other jurisdictions to model their work from.

* OP has done nothing to mitigate the affordable housing crisis in the District, despite being a central planning organ which is supposed to raise up the principles of “Building an Inclusive City” as found through the DC Comprehensive Plan.

* Planning should be removed from under DMPED. DMPED is focused on “economic” development and the best deal they can give developers, whereas municipal planning encompasses many points of evaluation to improve the built urban-landscape such as parks, infrastructure, and mitigating displacement. OP should not have to report to DMPED on major planning projects.

DC4RD offers these suggested points on the Office of Zoning:

* The Office of Zoning ought to have a People’s advocate or commission so to help everyday laypeople get a sense of their rights in administrative cases before the Zoning Commission. Right now the structure at OZ is set up to serve developers rights, but there is little in the assistance in guiding DC residents to the rules, to their rights, and to better outcomes for the interests of the people.

TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 2015 — 10AM

Oversight hearing on DC Public Schools and the DC PUBLIC LIBRARY.


Please testify about your public schools and libraries on Tuesday. In particular, we want less charter schools and more charter-school accountability and we want to make sure the programmatic planning of what’s happening inside MLK library is done by all Eight Wards and by people of all backgrounds, including teens and children.


DC’s municipal infrastructure is failing and the under belly is collapsing under its own isht. Literally >>

Here’s John Oliver’s great satirical take on how important municipal infrastructure is, and why we need the City to prioritize upgrading and improvements to our utilities structures instead of funding private soccer stadiums >>

Let’s make infrastructure sexy.


Wow, with the recent news of the Mega-Drought, its making DMPED’s decision to tear out McMillan’s underground and historic water storage and filtration facility seem like foolish folly that will bite us in the not to distant future. Where will Congress get their water when the drought comes east.

Here’s some solutions and ideas:

  1. Save McMillan Park >>

  2. Get this going locally now >>

  3. The City can install these awesomely cool pipes >>


Please see DC4RD online Resources here >>

Civic Inquiry Update: Gathering, Reportbacks, & Upcoming Hearings

DC4RD 2015

DC for Reasonable Development hosts a gathering this Thursday Night (2/12/15, 6:30PM, Shaw Library)

On this night, we will explore critical civic inquiries:

  • What is “affordable” housing and to whom?
  • What of Barry Farm; Congress Heights; Park Morton; the homeless count is soaring — why?
  • Pop-up’s and pop-out’s — just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to the over development represented wholly within the DC Office of Planning’s (OP) 1,000+ pages of proposed zoning changes called the Zoning Regulations Rewrite (ZRR)! Come find out why.
  • What City agencies are involved and are they doing good by the people?

Meet with people from around the City concerned about answers to these critical civic issues and set some action moving forward.

THIS THURSDAY — Feb. 12, 6:30 to 8:00pm
@ Watha T. Daniel / Shaw Public Library
FMI: Chris O. 202-810-2768;


Here are some recent reports from groups seeking civic feedback from DC residents:

  • The Talking Transition team, with the help of DC Vote, recently published a summary report from their forum held at the Washington Convention Center in mid-January. The highest concern among attendees, “Rent is too high and a lack of affordable options.
    See the full Talking Transition summary here >>
  • This past weekend, the Housing for All team held a rally for diversity and affordability in our City. A great many guests witnessed the Mayor, Muriel Bowser push for at least $100 million dollars in annual public funding of the Housing Production Trust Fund (HPTF).  According to the DC regulations, the HPTF, “shall be to provide financial assistance to non-profit and for-profit developers for the planning and production of low, very low and extremely low income housing and related facilities.For more info about the HPTF, visit >>



1) DC4RD at C-100 Luncheon, Feb. 18
2) DC for Democracy :: EXELON UPDATE
3) Barry Farm Citywide Forum, Feb. 22
4) UDC BLSA at the National Championships
5) DC Education: “State”wide Planning
6) DC City Council Agency Oversight Calendar

1) DC4RD at C-100 on Feb. 18

DC4RD will be on the February 18th Committee of 100 discussion panel regarding development trends in the District.

A key question we have to ask ourselves: What guidance does the DC Comprehensive Plan offer in times when housing prices are increasingly unaffordable for most?

The DC Comprehensive Plan is one the City’s most progressive documents >>

Learn more about the C-100 here >>

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Keith Ivey of DC for Democracy recently shared a report showing, “Only 6 percent approv[ing] of it.” That is to say, only a handful of people want EXELON to takeover Pepco and control DC’s municipal electric supply.

Continue to fight it. Send a letter. Here’s an online form to help >>

DC for Democracy meets tomorrow,Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 7pm at Ben’s Chili Bowl (1213 U St, NW).

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* 400 DC families threatened by displacement!!
SUNDAY FEBRUARY 22, 2015, 2:00 to 5:00pm
Anacostia Public Library, 1800 Good Hope Road SE
(green line metro; 90 buses)
* dinner and childcare provided *

Contact: // 202-234-9119

MORE BF NEWS: Residents Block Racist Developer Bus Tour through Barry Farms >>

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4) UDC-BLSA at the Mock Trial Nationals

The University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law Black Law Students Association Mock Trial Team has qualified for the National Championship.

For more info, visit >>

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Mary Lord, DC State Board of Education, At-Large member, recently shared upcoming hearings to discuss DC’s “State”wide Accountability Planning >>

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6) DC City Council Agency Oversight Calendar

Make sure to let the Council know how each agency is doing and ways they can be improved >>

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  • REMINDER :: This Thursday Night, 6:30pm, Shaw Library :: Bundle up to tear down the mirage of DC’s bad planning Thursday evening!DC for Reasonable Development Gathering
    @ Watha T. Daniel / Shaw Public Library
    This THURSDAY, February 12, 6:30 to 8:00pm



DC4RD Premier Gathering 2015

Please put DC4RD’s 1st Public Meeting of 2015 on your calendars:

Thursday, February 12, 2015
6:30pm to 8:00pm
LOCATION: Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Neighborhood Library :: Main Public Meeting Room

  • Discussion on definition of “affordable” housing
  • Update on major civic projects: Barry Farm; McMillan Park; MLK Library; ZRR; and more…
  • Explore National / International planning & development protocols & trends
  • Action Brainstorm / Implementation
  • Calendar of Events & Direction Review

[ feel free to bring your literature ]

Chris O. 202-810-2768,