McMillan Park Demolition is NOT Smart Growth

Ward 2 Councilmember Brooke Pinto Supports Defunding The Giveaway of McMillan Park, Further Exposing Greater Greater Washington as a PR Team for Mega-Real Estate Speculators

Ward 2 Councilmember Brooke Pinto has been added to the growing list of DC officials and candidates calling for the controversial McMillan Project to be defunded and/or competitively re-bid, seeking substantial changes to the project like including much more public green space and much more truly affordable housing for families. For example, there isn’t one affordable housing unit for a family of four with an income less then $60,000 specifically set in the current project, among many other issues.

Pinto’s position on McMillan was highlighted by the Elections/Endorsement Committee of the online bloggers, Greater Greater Washington, in a post about the 2020 Ward 2 City Council race in a section called, “Brooke Pinto gives some very concerning answers.”

That Pinto suggested the McMillan project as a cost burden to DC demonstrates one of two things: either she is opposed to new housing and offices in DC on sites that have gone through years of public review (probably unlikely), or she is so unaware of long-running District issues, having never voted in DC before running for office, that she is basing her position on a fringe element that supported her in the primary rather than a detailed understanding of the issue.

Greater Greater Washington Elections Committee on Brooke Pinto Ward 2 Council Race 2020.

GGW just added a seventh person (a former Jim Graham staffer) to their Elections Committee. Four of the seven committee members are white men who describe those who support public open green space and a competitive rebidding of the McMillan project as a “small group” and “fringe element” of District residents.

GGW desperately supports the city’s current plan to pay private developers $75M to take the 25-acre site from the public and construct 2+ million square feet of medical office space, parking garages, retail, housing, and recreation space.

In part, GGW’s desperation to #BuildMore is determined by those who sit on the GGW board, like Mr. Adam Weers a principal for Trammell Crow who’s company is set to profit in a big way from the giveaway of McMillan Park.

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