Accountability of Developer Promises, NOT

City officials gets wooed constantly by developers pleading for handouts and corporate welfare and these officials (city council, mayor, planners) have dutifully served their campaign contributors well.

Since activists shined the light bright on this corporate welfare during boomtown DC, the City Council had to begin giving the appearance they expected returns on the promises instead of just dispossessing the public farm.

But, as should have been expected, these same city officials gifting the monied classes never actually followed up to see if those promises were fulfilled or that the city got a fair return on our investments.

DC taxpayers continue to still be robbed by the developer-class for a myriad of large financial gifts of public land, tax breaks, and zoning entitlements.

And now the dot on the exclamation point — the independent DC Auditor pulled together the stark data and concluded what we all intuitively knew — city officials (planners, city council, mayor) are suckas for corporate-driven development and the monied classes.


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