• Ward 8: Demolition of Historic Barry Farm
  • Ward 1: The Adams Morgan Luxury Hotel PUD & Tax Abatement
  • Ward 5: McMillan Historic Park Under Threat
  • Ward 5: Monroe Street PUD Brookland
  • Ward 2: West End Parcels PUD Brokered by DMPED
  • Ward 6: Hine School PUD Brokered by DMPED


hosted by the DC Gatherers & DC for Reasonable Development

Sunday, October 26, 2014, 3:00pm to 4:30pm
At the King Memorial Library, Room A-5

All Candidates Invited:
Lorie Masters (confirmed: attended); Edward "Smitty" Smith (confirmed: attended); Lateefah Williams (confirmed: fell-ill; video); Karl Racine (confirmed; sent last minute written responses); Paul Zukerberg (tentative; provided statements by phone)

See Showcase press release || See candidate videos || See Showcase photos

Showcase Setting:

3:00 to 4:00pm: Public invited to meet with the candidates in small group settings and discuss individual/neighborhood/citywide issues regarding development in the District.

4:00pm to 4:30pm: Candidates invited to sit in on a brief panel to discuss the topic of the DC Zoning Regulations Rewrite (ZRR) and respond to no more than three questions.


Questions to the AG candidates important to DC4RD's list of super-voters:

* What kind of role do you see DC's elected AG can play in making sure any zoning rule-making or major development decisions are done in a way which contends directly with, and either mitigates or prevents any identified adverse impacts on current DC residents and their property interests?

* Do you believe the DC Office of Planning's process of public review regarding the Zoning Regulations Rewrite, and subsequent proposed rule-making now before the DC Zoning Commission appears to be arbitrary and capricious?

* Assuming the ZRR as proposed rule-making is arbitrary and capricious, what would you specifically do to challenge this as DC's elected AG?


Candidate Report

Lorie Masters

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Lorie attended DC4RD's AG Candidate Showcase at MLK Library on October 26, 2014. Lorie gave wider context of how she would approach any legal issue raised by DC residents, repeatedly saying she would be the people's advocate and use the AG position as a bully pulpit to push for better planning in the City. Lorie pointed to the public outcry around McMillan park and other "public-private" deals brokered by the City as a real sign that the way the City does business needs to seriously change. Regarding the controversial ZRR, Lorie agreed that the process and proposed zoning changes do appear arbitrary and capricious and that she would investigate and act to defend DC residents from such unsubstantiated rule-making by the Office of Planning and DC Zoning Commission.

Edward "Smitty" Smith

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Edward "Smitty" Smith did attend the DC4RD candidate forum held on October 26, 2014 at MLK Library. Smitty described the advocacy role he would play as the elected AG for DC residents and warned of the candidates running to represent development interests. Smitty stated he has serious concerns about the proposed Barry Farm and McMillan Park development plans and feels the deck is stacked for corporate developers and against everyday Washingtonians. Smitty is very strong on the issue of the proposed ZRR -- guaranteeing that his AG staff will within the first 60 days of his election investigate the process of review of the proposed regulation changes. Smitty is disappointed to see that OP wants to triple the size of the DC Downtown District without taking into consideration the 100+ year old infrastructure underground or the long-term efficacy of current public transportation modalities now serving DC's downtown district.

Lateefah Williams

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Lateefah could not attend the DC4RD forum at MLK Library because she was ill, but she did an in-person interview (see below). Lateefah pointed to her grassroots activism to represent how she would approach her work as the elected-AG. She believes as AG she would give District residents an avenue to raise legal questions which can be investigated and responded to with legal opinion from her office in a timely manner. Regarding the ZRR, Lateefah is committed to investigating the evidence and process as currently being pushed by the Office of Planning and the Zoning Commission, and she committed to challenging arbitrary and capricious rule-making when it would adversely affect DC residents. Lateefah gives context to the AG position, saying as AG she will create room for meaningful public discussion and a chance to correct deficiencies in any rulemaking process, as well as fix problems with troubling development projects we see displacing current at-risk affordable housing.

Karl Racine

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Karl did not attend DC4RD's candidate forum at MLK Library on October 26, 2014 despite confirming face-to-face just a few days earlier. We received written comments this morning. Ultimately, Karl seems to accept the Office of Planning's statements that they created the ZRR based on study of other jurisdictions. In spite of this, Karl does conclude, "Should the ZRR's proposed rule-making fail to properly consider the public interest or violate housing or other consumer protection laws, the Office of the Attorney General will intervene to uphold the law and safeguard the public interest. For example, I would identify and pursue any unscrupulous developers and landlords, such as those who do not adhere to affordable housing laws."

Paul Zukerberg

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Paul did not attend DC4RD's candidate forum, but did speak at length to Chris Otten on the phone before the forum. Paul was frustrated by DC4RD's questions and pointedly asked back who we think would actually do the work for DC residents raising important legal issues. Paul referenced his long record of helping many residents across an array of social justice issues and winning on many such cases over the years of his civic and legal service. Paul said his efforts to fight for justice would carry on into other issues like improper rulemaking by DC agencies. He asks us to recall the "K Street" lawyers in the race who he says will only help the corporations profiting from the development giveaways in the District right now.


Edward "Smitty" Smith at MLK Library

Lorie Masters at MLK Library

Lateefah Willams Interview

DC4RD Sunday AG Showcase 2014 at MLK Library


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