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"Smart" Growth is worse than Dumb

The Coalition for "Smart" Growth (CSG) and Greater Greater Washington (GGW) together are in full speed organizing mode to severely weaken the DC Comprehensive Plan and chant build-baby-build to pepetrate the myth that more housing means lower housing prices. Click here

Who are the smart growthers?

To give you a sense of who is driving the philopsophies and policies of GGW/CSG take a look at the blinding diversity at the links below:

* GGW contributors
* GGW Directors and Leadership
* Staff at Coalition for Smart Growth, led by Cheryl Cort.

Who benefits from the "smart" growth policies and campaigns?

The beneficiaries of both the organizing work of CSG & GGW and the paid off politicians are the same development class and sycophants displacing more and more of the city's culture, longtime DC families, and existing neighborhoods. Their funders include the who's who of corporate developers in the District, like EYA (Jair Lynch), Valor, Bozzuto, JBG Companies, Chevy Chase Land Company, Akridge and others:

* GGW Supporters
* Smart Growthers Financial Report
* The Executive Director of Smart Growth USA, Geoff Anderson, is married to Harriet Tregoning, DC's former director of "Planning."

Together, the "smart" growth networks have pushed city officials to define "affordability" as a studio that costs $1200 a month!! This eschews the market all together, local markets like East of the River whereby market rents may be far lower than what smart growth has defined for the whole city.

"Smart Growthers" say, as if by magic, that more housing will reduce housing prices and alleviate the affordability crisis. This is straight up blind dogma that relies on the simple economic metric of supply-and-demand as if housing is some sort of retail widget and not a social need. Supply-and-demand also fails to take into class & race dynamics which is why you find smart growthers NEVER analyzing:

* The impacts on existing DC communities being hurt by the luxury overdevelopment (displacement, noise, construction nuisance, failing infrastructure, impacts on public services);
* The kinds of housing being built (nearly all luxury studio/one bedrooms);
* Whom the recent DC housing boom serves (single professionals making $55,000 and up annually);
* Whom this type of luxury studio development benefits (the bottom line of real estate speculators);
* The reasons of the lack of supply for the astronomically obvious need of family sized units.

In response to smart growth supply-side mantras, we ask what is the magic number of new luxury studio/one bedrooms that needs to be built until housing prices come down to affordable levels like they were before the boom?

Through well-heeled networks, CSG and GGW have successfully tapped the new largely white and wealthy single professionals moving into the District by using saavy social media and online forums. Despite the real fact that most of these new residents choose not to vote in DC, they have no problem writing letters, signing petitions, and tweeting decision makers. This unattached political power has served nicely as the cover needed by crooked politicians and planning officials who consistently appease their corporate campaign donors by approving privatization of public assets, land, and services and handing out gobs of corporate welfare (No Billionaire Left Behind).

Connecting and Sharing is Important for Positive Change!


Consider the DC4RD website a network of information and resources which examines 21st Century development and how it unfolds here in the Nation's Capital. Can it be better? Can there be development without displacement? Can planning officials follow their own rules? These are just some questions for a modern humankind which seeks open and transparent cooperation, meaningful participation, and astute findings substantiated by facts and reasoning.


DC has only a finite amount of public property.

DC4RD is a unincorporated citizens association formed by participating DC residents for the non-profit civic purpose of reviewing, evaluating, and acting on development projects, policies, and laws affecting neighborhoods throughout the City.