• Ward 2: West End Parcels PUD Brokered by DMPED
  • Ward 5: McMillan Historic Park Under Threat
  • Ward 1: The Adams Morgan Luxury Hotel PUD & Tax Abatement
  • Ward 6: Hine School PUD Brokered by DMPED
  • Ward 5: Colonel Brooks Tavern PUD

Zoning & Planning... is that what they call it?

This site has been developed to connect communities located throughout the District contending with problem projects -- projects which may be entirely public, private, and/or a combination of public and private.

The ad-hoc, unscientific, opaque planning review and decision making happening in the District of Columbia right now exposes every DC resident to dispossession and other serious risks. The corporate condominium construction explosion is happening at the same time The City is closing schools, shrinking the safety net, and systematically dismantling our communities. Disinterested DC officials and their purposeful poor planning continues to leave entire DC neighborhoods disconnected, displaced, and downright disrespected.

It's time poor planning in the City ends now.

Connecting and Sharing is Important for Positive Change!

DC has only a finite amount of public property.

Consider this website a network of information which examines 21st Century development and how it unfolds here in the Nation's Capital. Can it be better? Can there be development without displacement? Can planning officials follow their own rules? These are just some questions for a modern humankind which seeks collaboration, meaningful participation, and astute findings substantiated by facts and reasoning.